Dropbox file size on disk

I love using Dopus. I alså loves using Dropbox and have a paid account there. I work alot with pictures, and that makes my drives run out of space. Using Get Sizes helps me finding what folders containing all the bilg files.

Recently Dropbox came with a new smart feature called Smartsync. They allow you to have files on drive virtually, meaning they are loaded on demand from Dropbox online. Using this feature I have marked several folders as online to make files stay online only. This makes me save a lot of space.

When using Get sizes its easy to se where the space is used. However it counts Dropbox's virtual files as actually occupying full space. I used to chek the folder using properties, wuch reports both size and diskuse. Today I found that I can select a column in the folderview thats called Size on disk. At first it looked like it was working as hopes, but no, it didnt. Some folder is reported as using a lot smaller disk size than just size, but other folders doesnt at all. Look at encloes screenshot. Is this a feature or bug or what. How can I get the right numbers?

We've made a note to look into this.

Opus reports the "size on disk" value that comes from the operating system / filesystem.

There may be something special that needs to be done when calculating "size on disk" for folders using the new cloud storage system in recent Windows 10 updates, where the filesystem's values may not be truthful.

This is fixed in the 12.17.2 beta.

Great :slight_smile: