Dropbox Icons in Folder Tree

Where a folder or file is stored within Dropbox, the associated icon is modified to include a tick or cross to show it's sync status.

While DOpus correctly shows this modified icon in File Display panels, the Dropbox modified icon is not shown in the Folder Tree. Is there a way to do this (in the same way as Windows Explorer).

Can anyone suggest a fix for this?

The DropBox icon shell extension seems to be quite unreliable inside of Opus (probably only tested with Explorer, and some slight difference is making it fall over in places), and this seems to be one of the things that can go wrong with it.

Other similar shell extensions work without issues. e.g. Tortoise SVN shows its status overlay icons fine in both the folder tree and the file display.

Without access to DropBox's shell extension source code, there is little we can do to investigate where the problem is. It's something DropBox themselves probably need to look into, and should be reported to them. (We'd be happy to assist if they discover anything which points back to Opus, but it seems likely the problem is on their side and, either way, they are the only ones who can begin the investigation.)

Thanks Leo. I will report this to Dropbox

Maybe this information here is of any help (maximum number of overlay icons reached):

The overlay limit being reached could result in some or all of the overlays going missing in both the folder tree and the file display, but I don't think it could cause them to only go missing in one and not the other.

(The limit is per process, so it can result in different overlays appearing in different programs, or even the same program if you re-start it and the icons/overlays are requested in a different order. But within a given process instance, the results should be consistent unless something else is going wrong.)

Seeing this, I wondered if my installation of Google Drive caused all my icons to go missing - with one or two random exceptions. It did - removing Drive solved the problem. Is there a cure which would enable the use of Drive with DO11

Google Drive was probably using up the limited number of icon overlay slots before Dropbox could use some of them.

There are no workarounds for this, other than uninstalling something else which is also using up some of the icon overlay slots. It is a Windows design flaw, affecting Explorer as well, and not something Opus has any real control over. (If you ask Microsoft about it they just tell people not to use overlays. Very helpful. :slight_smile:)

(If you get different icon overlays in Explorer, it probably just means the components were loaded in a different order and a different one took up the slots before the others could.)