Dropdown List in Script?

I have a script that runs a command via the command line. It is a Script Function. I need to change part of the string, to user input. I need to add the syntax transpose=1 . The options for transpose are 0, 1, 2, 3. The friendly name for this is Rotate Clockwise, Rotate Flip, etc… How can I add a dropdown list option in the script to show a list of options of the friendly names. Of course when I choose Rotate Flip I want transpose=2 inserted into the syntax of my command. I am not looking for some to write the syntax for me. I just need to be shown how a dropdown with names and results could be added to a script. I add manual (typed) user input in my Standard Function scripts via the syntax @set name={dlgstringS|Enter Archive Name}. I know how to use this in my Script Function. How would I put the list option in place of this? Thanks

Are you looking for this?

For example, {dlgchoose|Select encoding quality|default:High=320+Medium=256+Low=128} would add the options High , Medium and Low to the drop-down list, with High as the initial selection, and would pass one of the values 320 , 256 or 128 (respectively) through to the command line.


Yes, that is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks so much!