Dual display opening to wrong folder (was: Navigation Lock not working)


I upgraded to Version 12.9 x64 (Pro edition) from version 11, run since 2014, yesterday (Windows 7).

I can't get Navigation Lock button to do anything. I previously had it set up, in a dual vertical lister display, to mirror the left-hand pane to the right-hand pane when clicking on the dual vertical lister button. Doing this now just produces in the right-hand pane what ever folders were last in the right-hand pane when that was closed.
Clicking on the Navigation Lock button doesn't change this.

Do I need to activate something in preferences to get this to work? I've been through the ones which appear relevant, without success ( and have reinstalled, to no avail).

This is no doubt the most embarrassingly simple query you have had this month, and I am simply 4 years dumber than when I last set up Directory Opus. None the less, your assistance would be gratefully received.

Thank you.

So it's just the starting folder that's wrong, not navlock itself?

I think all you'll need to do is edit the button that toggles the dual display on and off, which runs this command by default in Opus 12:

Set DUAL=Toggle,Vert,Remember,ToggleLayout

Remove the ,Remember part:

Set DUAL=Toggle,Vert,ToggleLayout

Now it should work the way you were used to.

(I do the same thing myself.)

In case it's needed, to edit the button, use Settings > Customize Toolbars to enter customize mode, then right-click the button and choose Edit.

Thank you for your reply.

I was able to do that, but it still needs an extra step.

What I had before was that, by default, the Right-hand pane mirrored whatever was in the Left-hand pane.
Start with a single pane, press "dual pane vertical" and the Left-hand pane would be mirrored in the Right-hand pane. Alter anything in the Left, and this would be altered and mirrored in the Right. I do a lot of moving things between folders, and that made it very easy. Is such a set up possible now?


Make sure Preferences / File Displays / Options / Specify initial folder when switching to dual file display is not turned on.

No, that is not turned on.

The only boxes checked in Preferences/File Displays/Options are:

  • Enable file InfoTips
  • Show sort header in icon modes

The other boxes are unchecked

Is the problem that the wrong folder opens initially when you open the second file display?

Or is it just that when you change folders after that point, it doesn't keep the two in sync?

If it's only the latter, you need to turn on NavLock after opening the second file display. They are separate/independent things. (You could make a button which turns on both at once.)

On the default Opus 12 toolbars, the NavLock toggle is between the Folder and Lister menus on the top toolbar:


The Command Editor for the Navigation Lock button has:

  • upper Right - "Show image" checked - other boxes unchecked

Label: Navigation Lock

Tip: Lock together the navigation of both sides of a dual-display Lister

Hotkey: - not used (blank)

Function: Set Dual=Toggle,Vert, ToggleLayout

That isn't the button or command to toggle NavLock. It will toggle the second file display. That should be the button at the very right of my screenshot.

NavLock is the button in the middle of my screenshot.

If you hover over the icons, the tooltips tell you what they do. The menus they are next to also contain more explicitly labelled versions of the same buttons, if needed. The top-level buttons are for convenience, to quickly toggle a few common features without taking too much space.

In your command, there's also an extra space between Vert, and ToggleLayout which you don't want there.

The main problem is that the wrong folder opens initially when you open the second file display.

Starting from a single display, pressing the "Dual Vertical" Lister button will show whatever display was last in the second window, and is not mirroring what is now in the first (Left-hand) window. Whatever I had in DO 11 allowed this by default - on starting from a single window, pressing the "Dual Vertical" Lister button would produce 2 of the same display - "mirrored", if that is the correct term. It now isn't doing that. I can't remember ever touching Navigation Lock before - didn't need to.

Ok - I needed to edit the Dual Vertical button and remove "remember".

That worked fine and now opens how I wanted it to.

Thank you very much for your replies and your patience.