Dual lister drag-bar colour

Can we have a separate entry for the 'drag bar' in Pane borders please. In the image that would be the vertical red line.
With option to have it transparent.

Additionally being able to exactly position the drag bar would be nice - something like CTRL + drag could do 10% divisions exactly, making it easier to locate exact centre.

Maybe an option somewhere to have drag bar on/off would be great as well.

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Double-clicking the drag bar centers it.

Being able to pick a color and transparency would be neat!

Are you really asking for separate colors for the column headers and scrollbars?

Or would you actually want the file display separator to be a different color to all the other panel borders? (e.g. Turn on the folder tree or viewer pane to see what I mean.)

As you can see I am having to blend the file separator colour with the colour of the vertical toolbar. This also changes scrollbar colour which I would like slightly lighter AND column headers which I would also like a different colour.
Yes, please separate these elements. :slight_smile:

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Yes please! If you could kindly separate all the mentioned elements, theming dreams could come true! :slight_smile:

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I have the exact same request.
That would be great. :slight_smile:

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