Dual Lister Start Folders

Hello there...

I'm trying to figure out how I can make the dual listers I use to load a particular folder each time Dopus is loaded.

I have tried specifying the Desktop as the first and second display in Preferences/Laylout/Default Folders but Dopus still remembers the last folders that I used.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Preferences-Layout-Opening Listers Make sure that "Update Default Lister setting when Listers are closed" is not checked.

Even though that doesn't seem to work for me.

Does anyone here do this? Surely it must be possible.


Rex's suggestion looked right to me.

Unfortunately it doesn't seem to work for me neither.

Turn off the Initial folders option on the same Inherit from the Default Lister page, too.

Thankfully, this default lister/folder stuff is simplified in Opus 9.

How are you loading Opus... (shortcut, dbl-click on desktop, click on tray icon, etc) and do the folders displayed 'change' or are they always the same folders in both file displays? Perhaps your method of opening Opus is loading a particular 'layout' without you realizing it?

Nudel, thanks for that. It's working now.

Steje, from a shortcut icon in the quick launch and from the system tray.

Thanks again for the help.