Dual listers (with two independent views) how to?

I will try and explain what I'm trying to do.

I'm running a duel lister setup, in the left lister (window) I have large icons as my default view (this is fine) and I don't need to use folder lock, so that image folders auto change to thumbnails.

now here is the issue, I want my right lister to be details, I have somewhat managed this by selecting details and selecting folder lock for that lister, but when I double click the desktop (no lister is open) and it loads a lister, the right lister reverts to details for my computer (I assume because of the folder lock?) but this isn't what I want. A I want my computer to keep as large icons, then change to details when I double click a drive.

also because of folder lock for the right lister, folder folders don't auto change either. but if I remove the folder lock, all the tabs that I have got for each drive, reverts back to large icons again. (not what I want)

I have tried a few attempts to try and keep the settings for each lister separate, (large icons on the left lister and details for the right) but using folder options seems to effect both listers, and this seems to be the case if I try and edit folder format. so I can't seem to find a way to keep each lister with it's own settings, its either large icons or details view, but I can't have both at the same time without one lister reverting to the other.

I've been following this guide for DO 11


and from that I assume that both listers had their own settings, but this isn't the case, unless I'm missing something simple. I gone through the folder format quickstart guide, but it seems to effect both listers.

please help, as I'm tearing my hear out, it should be dead easy to select a view and keep it to that view, but it's not.

Thanks in advance, and I hope I have explained well enough what I want, but if you need more info please ask.

Turn off the format lock, and leave it off.

If you want certain folders to display differently to others, go into those folders, set them up as you want, then use Folder > Folder Options > Save > For This Folder.

You can also review and manage all your folder-specific formats under Preferences / Folders / Folder Formats, in the Path Formats section at the top of the list.

But the problem is, if I turn off folder lock, then the right lister will revert back to large icons, or if I set the right lister to details, then use save / For This Folder, then my left lister will start to display in details mode.

The problem is, using the save function effects both listers. that is true for Folder Formats as well, you can't set one lister to use one view type and the right one to use another. as they both use the same settings. I have to use folder lock to keep the right lister to details view. (its the only workaround that seems to sort of work)

is there any way to set each duel pane lister setup, to have it's own settings? as whatever changes I currently make effects both?

maybe you could have an option for a duel lister setup, to have two save functions in folder options,
left lister and right lister
then under that, two save options for both, then in folder formats
view / view as, left lister / large icons, then right lister / details (or whatever view mode you want)

so that both listers can behave independently of each other, and NOT use the same settings.

pretty please?

I'm, surprised no one else hasn't mentioned this, or maybe they have in the past?

but of course, if you are using a single lister, then the right pane lister options won't apply or be greyed out. (but as you can also have duel horizontal as well, maybe each window could be named? so that the save settings know which lister the save settings are linked too?

I would really like it if both listers are in different views.

Thanks in advance

If you want one side locked in Thumbnails and the other side locked in Details, so that the same folder will be displayed differently by both sides, then use the format lock on both sides, and you can get that.

But it sounded like you wanted the view mode to change when you change folders. You can't have the view mode both locked and changing; it has to be one or the other (unless you start using scripts to set the mode, which is fairly advanced work but possible).

Ah right, so I will stick with format lock then, I just thought it might have been possible to have both views with different view modes acting independently of each other. It's just my main gripe with format lock was, it keeps my computer locked as details mode as well, but I guess that is a minor annoyance. Anyway, thanks for answering. Still, I do love this program, and really glad I got it.

The lock does (or at least can) affect each side independently. That is, either, both or neither side can be locked, and they can be locked to different view modes.

But it sounds like you want to lock both sides, and yet not lock them sometimes, at the same time. :slight_smile:

I don't want the left hand side locked, but got it to the way I want it now, (with format lock on) just will have to live with my computer viewed in details mode, but at least the left hand side is large icons and can auto change depending on file type. (that is mainly what I want.

But thanks again

If it is locked then it won't auto-change, so I think there may still be some confusion here (possibly only in my understanding of what you're aiming for).

sorry that was a typo, as I can't edit my posts, its possible to change anything, I mean, format lock is off for the left side, and format lock is on for the right.

Well, well, well, The answer to my problem was staring me in the face!!!

in folder formats, for each drive, I have them checked, but when editing the format for example C:\
in the display tab, there is a view checkbox, (uncheck it)

Then I have a "My Computer" tab, that is locked (reuse unlocked tab)

now I can change the view mode in either lister and it won't keep switching to another view mode, what is more, I don't have format lock on, so my right lister will now switch to thumbnails when viewing images.

problem solved, I completely missed the view checkbox the first time, but having it unchecked is now what I needed. seems to have done the trick, I can switch view modes in either lister now. problem solved.