Dual to Single

Knowing the breadth of Opus, and the many capabilities I either have either forgotten or not come across yet, it's quite possible that what I'm after is already present. What I'm looking for is kind of the reverse of the ability to split a single lister into a dual using Split to Dual Display in the tab context menu.

Starting from a single lister with several tabs, Split to Dual Display lets me select a tab and have it, and all tabs to its right, split to dual. I can move individual tabs back using the Move Tab To Left (or Right) command from a dual tab context menu but there is no command to move all tabs (or current tab plus all following/preceding tabs) back. The Move All Tabs To Left (or Right) I envisage would effectively merge a dual into a single lister.

Regards, AB

Well, I can't see a good way to hack the 'go tabmove' command into doing what you want... it does have a 'split' option though that 'moves' all tabs from the currently selected tab and those to the right of it over to a dual display lister... so, maybe you could look for GPSoft to make an enhancement so that you could do something like:


...which you'd want to tell Opus to move all tabs from the current side over to the other side (closing the side who's tabs you're moving). I'd probably use something like that sometimes... though I might better like to have a three button that could run a left/right specific version of a new command like that:

Go TABMOVE=right,all

...to move all tabs from the right to left, closing right - and then obviously a left option for the reverse. There's also another command with similar behavior that might make more sense to do the same thing under:


...has option to to close all tabs from one side or another already, with a comma delimited option (right,expand) to tell it to open the tabs being closed each in a new lister window. Maybe it would make more sense to add a 'combine' option to THAT command instead, or something.......

+1 for the general idea... however it might be provided.

I like this idea