DUPES (Script)

Hi. I have a script as follows:
Set FOCUS=Left
go newtab
Find IN "Folder 1" "Folder 2" DUPES CLEAR RECURSE delmode

I have two questions.
even if I have specified delmode, none of the duplicates are selected (the check boxes are shown but none selected).
if you do that kind of search using the menue, i have the option 'delete' in the select dialog below. using the script, the dialog is not shown (that's fine with me). but how can i delete, once i have selected the files to be deleted?

Try adding Select DUPES at the end, in a new line.

hi. did not work ;(

No surprise, that command was introduced in v13 :slight_smile:

Find has been significantly improved in v13 and works much better than in v12. Try the beta, I am sure you'll like it.

If you don't want to switch to v13, posting a screenshot will make it easier to get support.

thats what i get. none of the duplicates are selected.
and if i select one manually, how do i get that deleted then, since the dialog is not visible


well. i know how to do that using the dialog.
i try to do the very same thing using a script, so i can to that thing using a hotkey.

someone with a solution? still not working here ;(

Have you tried Opus 13? That’s the easiest solution.

In Opus 12, clicking the duplicates panel’s Select button may be an option.

i understand opus 13 is only beta, not stable yet. so that is not a solution for me.
since i try to automate this via script and not using the panel (dialog), i do not have the button. i am just looking for the right commands to do so in a script.

The beta period is almost finished and current builds are bot risky to use, FWIW.

If you don’t want to use the beta, and need the command Errante mentioned above to automate things, I would wait for the 13 release which should be around mid January.

how would the script be, to get what i want in version 13?

The Select DUPES command mentioned above should be the missing piece you need.

ok. and when i have selected the dupes (manually or with the mentioned command select dupes) how do i actually delete them. using the dialog i would use the button delete, but how do i do that without the dialog?

The Delete command will delete what’s selected.