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Duplicate and rename a file in the same folder. I want 2 copies of the same file with different names


Hi there.

I have files called 'coverart' in folders which are collections of graphics and for which the file 'coverart' is a preview that shows up in the folder icon in the level above. I want another, identical, file in each folder labelled '00'. This is because when I transfer these folders to my Android device, and try to view them all in QuickPic the icon picture doesn't use 'coverart', it uses the first file in the folder. I have attached some screenshots to explain.

I want to do this as a batch. I can rename the files fine, but can't copy and rename.

Is this possible?

Thanks for your time and help.


  1. Use Tools > Find Files to find all the existing coverart.jpg files.

  2. Select them all, run this command:

    copy {filepath$} to {filepath|..} as 00.jpg

The command can be put in a toolbar/menu button, or you can run it directly by typing > into the file display to open a command input field.


Thank you Leo!