Duplicate Finder - Label Alignment

If I use these options..

..labels are misaligned in the result.

Looks like Number duplicate groups knocks the rest out of whack.

Regards, AB

If you resize one of the column headers by clicking and dragging on a separator, does it change anything?

No it doesn't make any difference to the misalignment.

Regards, AB

I mean they're not so much misaligned as the first header (for the Group column) is AWOL. Can you resize to make it visible at all?

Interesting. I tried resizing Name and it made no difference. However, clicking on Name brings Group into view and all columns are then correctly aligned.

Regards, AB

Can you repeat it now?

Yes, it is 100% repeatable. Do you want before and after screen shots?

Regards, AB

Could you PM me a config backup? I can't reproduce it here.

I've managed to narrow it down to something in my folder formats. If I start with a vanilla Opus config then add my folder formats and switch on the Add 'Group' column automatically when file display is grouped option, the problem manifests itself.

Config sent via PM.

Regards, AB

Thanks! I can reproduce this now.