Duplicate finder lags with big (?) results

A directory with 200k files, 140k of them duplicates.
I run MD5 duplicate search with Delete mode on and it completed OK.

But no files were marked for deletion and duplicates panel was really not usable - very slow scrolling, issues with drawing items, some empty space at the very end of the panel.

Did I hit some DO limit here?

Collection file - 11 MB (dispnames and item texts converted to MD5 to protect the innocent): http://www.mediafire.com/file/7f0ksypjofxu687/file

What was the CPU usage like? It may take a while to deal with that many items. 140k is a huge number of files, especially in that mode which is inherently slower.

Splitting things up to remove the duplicates in batches, then doing a final pass on the whole folder at the end, might be advisable, if possible.

So, I did some more testing:

  • Literally once in all the attempts DO actually selected files to delete - very strange.
  • After "Searching duplicates" message box disappears there is <15 s period of DO taking a full CPU core - in this period items are visibly still added to the duplicates list. After it's done, scrolling list is smooth and no artifacts appear.
  • And here is the blank space at the end:

And after trying to process duplicates directory after directory things got really weird (and the same with enabled and disabled MD5 cache) - this is attempt in the top directory after removing duplicates from all contained directories one by one (I didn't notice similar issues, but otoh I didn't pay attention).

  • incorrect group counts
  • one-element groups
  • sometimes duplicates are selected, and sometimes not
  • mangled background stripes

I'm not sure what's happening there, unless the results are taking a while to collate, but I would definitely split up the task either way. 140,000 items in a grouped collection is going to be painfully slow.