Duplicate folder name conflicts

I have a lot of folders scattered throughout my PC that I want to merge into one folder. Problem is there are lots that have the same name. If the source folder has the same name as one in the destination folder then all the files within it are moved into it unless there is a filename conflict. I don't want the folders to be cross contaminated :cry:

I guess there are 2 ways this can be resolved.

  1. When identical folders are found, prompt for skip, rename, abort... (probably easier than option 2)
  2. If conflict, have the source folder automatically renamed with timestamp or something tagged on to the end of the name as long as that also doesn't exist. The additional characters would need to be unique in case of multiple duplicates.

Knowing my luck there is a option for it somewhere that I haven't found yet.


You can turn on Preferences / File Operations / Copy Options / Ask for confirmation before merging existing folders to be prompted before merging folders...

...however, this only applies to the folders at the top level which you have selected. If you say yes to merging a folder then all of its sub-folders will also be merged without further prompting (until the next top-level folder). So the option may be what you want but it depends on exactly what you're doing.

Thanks for the reply Leo. This is exactly how I'd like it to work but this only works for copying, not moving.

That's true. I'm not sure why it only applies to Copy and not Move, but it's always been that way.

Any chance this could be implemented?

Yes, I think it makes sense. Haven't looked at it in detail yet, but I can't see any reason why Copy shouldn't get the same thing as Move here.

That should be in the next release, unless we run into any issues with the preliminary change we've just made.

Thanks Leo. Looking forward to it.

Any chance this can still be included in v11?

It was already added in Opus, the update just after my post about 18 months ago.

Don't know how I missed that in the preferences. A belated great work is in order.