Duplicate Photo finder

Can anyone recommend one?
I just tried PictureEcho but it is not great.

  • Cannot resize
  • Noticeable errors e.g. grouping photos that are not in fact even the same
  • No option to select all duplicates and delete. Found 10000 in only part of my photo library. I must go and manually delete all!!!

I will update here if i find anything better.....


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I second the AllDup recommendation!

As a professional photo organizer, I have tested most de-duping applications. Duplicate Cleaner Pro (DCP) by Digital Volcano is the best photo de-duping application by far. I use it to de-dupe millions of photos every year.
AllDup doesn't even look at the 'Date Taken', only the File Created Date, which is often not the same as the Date Taken, and can change.
With DCP, one can set criteria for Date Taken (including sub-seconds if desired) and many other file properties and photo metadata fields.
I am a consultant for DCP. Please let me know if you have any questions. There will be an update in the next week or so.

Thanks I have had a go
Nice feature set crucially including the ability to select all duplicates in a specified folder.
Clunky interface. Why do AV developers all do that????
Thanks again.
I will look at DCP sometime looks interesting.......

At first look DCP indeed looks like a winner.
I see 7 active forum posts for August - a good indicator for me of the health of a software product.
This is feature I value by far the most see below.
This is one area where I would like to see Opus duplicate file finder add a similar feature set:

I agree that the interface is not great. I have some UI consulting experience, and have sent DCP a long list of UI changes I'd like to see. But, fixing bugs and adding features always comes first.
The Selection Assistant offers a wide range of options for marking files based on many criteria.

Duplicate removal--especially for photos and videos--is a very complex task. I think duplicate photo and video removal is best done by applications dedicated solely to that task.

Actually I was commenting about AllDup.
DCP interface is much better..... some logic to it at least :slight_smile:

I agree. I would hate to see DO lose focus. But it has an effective duplicate file finder and better more flexible choices about which duplicate files to delete would be good. Esp "select all files in a specified folder. Golden.

Something like this is planned.

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I trialed Digital Volcano DCP today and at first glance found that it easily found things I had done on the fly.

A quick conversion for an email for instance can easily be forgotten and later confused even if I am aware of the folder and the file name. I do archive my photos, but not everything ends up there in the beginning, cell phone photos being a real instance.

Family send me the few photos of my sister that we have that I am attempting to collect, but they are often named different and more. Many were archived on online sites that I can't access.
It is an ongoing effort of mine. Sometimes we have something, but not this one.
She died in 2017 . Long story.

Perhaps Digital Volcano's DCP is worth the price.
It is on my list.
Thanks !

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