Duplicate search file must be found of two different drives, not the same drive


I have a strange request and want to know if I can do this with Dopus
I have a set of files on C drive and on G drive.

I want to perform a duplicate file search for items which are found to be on both drives but not the same drive, (the duplicate pair must be 1x C drive 1x G drive)

I don't want results found where files in C drive or G drive are not on both drives.

the end result will be select all files from G to delete those that duplicates were found on C.

if G drive is finding duplicates which C does not have it will delete stuff I dont want to delete.

is this possible?

Many regards
Shaun .

Not a trivial task, I am afraid.

You probably need a script that picks the qualifying files from the collection that the duplicate finder produces.