Duplicating File Type Group corrupts context menu item names

I don't know whether this is 13 beta behaviour or whether it applies to 12 as well, but:

I needed to create a new File Type Group very similar to an existing one I have, so I decided to use the duplicate function to make it. The duplicate was created correctly but I noticed that a lot of context menu items I had were renamed in weird ways. All whitespace was also converted to underscores, which was a bit unsightly. Attached are some images of the duplicate (above) and the original (below)

Any ideas as to what might be causing this?

Just so it's not missed, the most notable corruption seems to be the omission of everything preceding a forward slash as seen in the lower left corner. I have no idea why the upper menu items in the center right are changed as they are, especially "Map channels" being changed to "Process - Stereo".