Duration for video files shown incorrect

For many video files, particularly .avi, the duration shown in Directory Opus Duration column is totally wrong. e.g. Directory Opus shows duration as 00:03

whereas right clicking and going to

Properties -> Details shows 59:13 as duration for the same file.

How do I fix this behavior ?

Based on past experience, responses are generally quick and within 24 hours or so and sometimes within minutes. However, for this problem, I am surprised that there is no response yet. I am sure there are others who would have faced this problem. I will like to know if any resolution is available to fix this behavior.

Sometimes it takes longer, so where's the problem? GP is not a big company and e.g. Leo may have also a free day :wink:.

I have checked 10+ files (avi's), everything was shown correctly. I assume there's something wrong with your codecs/installation.

What Sasa says is correct. Duration comes from what the codecs/splitters for the video format and container report back to Opus.

Opus uses 64-bit codecs/splitters, while many video apps still use 32-bit ones, which can be one cause of differences. It can also be that the correct time is reported if it is calculated via one method but not via others. It will always be down to the codecs/splitters, however.

Sorry we didn't reply instantly on a Sunday. :slight_smile:

AVI files can contain some wacky streams, especially when they are older. The dimensions in your example are a bit of an indicator for an advanced age :wink:

Streamcopying the .avi to .mp4 or .mkv with ffmpeg or mkvmerge will probably make your life easier.

ffmpeg.exe -i {filepath$} -c copy {filepath$|ext=mp4}
mkvmerge.exe -o {filepath$|ext=mkv} {filepath$}

Tip: don't delete the originals too quickly.

If you can put that video on Dropbox or somewhere else I can download it from, I'll take a look at it.

Hm, 24 hours gone and no reply!

I did not for once doubt the support effectiveness or timing of Directory Opus support. It was just that from my previous experience, the support was generally available quickly and hence I had put that observation in my post. I have no problem if I get a response which is late at times due to various common reasons which can happen to everyone.

As for me, I have not accessed the forum until today since the responses by Sasa, leo and lxp above which I thought adequately responded to my query (I could not doubt the response as Windows and its applications have their own quirks the way I have seen it work over more than past two decades) and as I had not seen jon's post until today, I could not respond to it too (to put the file on Dropbox which I happened to see only today.)

Once I come across a file which is publicly shareable and has above problem, I will post a link to it in this chain.