DVD Burn issues


I've been working with Gus's nero toolbar and noticing an issue recently.

I'm selecting a large number of files in the lister (5600-5700, typically) and then hitting the DVD burn button. A "File Function" window pops up, showing the first filename and a zero % progress bar. This stays on-screen for about a minute, after which the DOS window pops up and disappears.

Is there a number of files limitation that DOpus can pass to a DOS Batch command? Or is there something else I'm missing? (I've just gotten a burn to succeed on about 9 zip files adding up to nearly 4 GB.


Bill, the retired LAMMA Tamer

I haven't used Gus's toolbar so I don't know how it works, but in regards to DOpus and batch files in general, as far as I know there is not a limit on how many files DOpus can pass on to a batch file. How it passes those files depends upon the external control code used.

A standard batch file (or command) can only accept the first 9 arguments (file names) passed to it as replaceable parameters. If all the files are sent to it at once in a block though, it can work around that limitation by using the SHIFT command which moves each parameter up one spot after processing each file until an error condition occurs indicating the end of the block of files.

I realize this probably doesn't answer your question at all, but given the way you phrased your question I thought it might apply in some way.

Apparently cmd.exe (the DOS command-line parser) is limited to 8k long command-lines, so selecting a lot of files and sending them to a DOS program (Nero-cmdline in this case) can fail.

I've just filed a request for Opus to be able to write the selected filenames to a text file and then give that text file as an argument, since many programs which can take a lot of filenames offer this as a workaround to the DOS limitation.

I'm not certain that Nero supports such a file but I'd be surprised if it doesn't.

Instead of using {allfilepath} (or {F}) you can add "cd {sourcepath}" as the first line of the command and change {allfilepath} to {allfile}. Eg, instead of:

nero.exe {allfilepath}

you would have:

cd {sourcepath}
nero.exe {allfile}

The advantage of this is that files are passed as filename only, meaning much shorter strings, and more will fit on the command line.


It does support parameter files, so this would be an elegant solution.

And, Jon--unfortunately, it isn't saving enough on the data being passed through to the command line to work with the number of files I normally put on DVDs. Sounds like Leo's solution of being able to output a text file would be preferred in this case.

Thanks for the help, guys!


Well try something like this:

del c:\burnfiles.txt echo {filepath} >> c:\burnfiles.txt nero.exe -file c:\burnfiles.txt

Make this function an MS-DOS batch function, and obviously substitute the correct nero command.


The trick there might be to be able to parse the file and replace the hard returns after each file with a space, as the whole NeroCmd command must be on one line.

Having said all that, I've decided to just work with a combination kluge. Basically, I use DOpus to pick the files to burn in a lister, copy them and then paste them into the regular Nero Window.

It looks like there are some other options in Nero, intriguingly enough, it's got some available plugin APIs in the SDK that NeroCMD comes with, but it would take someone who actually knew what they were doing to write this for DOpus.

Thanks for the help!