DVDFab Virtual Drive + Dopus

Can mount only 6 drives context menu with dopus. Enabling 7 drives context menu gets broken.

Win7 64bit Dopus

Does the same happen in Windows Explorer?

It seems unlikely to be a problem with Opus and more likely a problem with DVDFab. Opus just tells DVDFab to run a command it's put in the context menu. That works the first six times, and the seventh time is (probably) no different to Opus than the others.

(Do you have enough free drive letters to add seven drives? :slight_smile: Once A-Z are used up you can't add any more.)

Works right on Windows Explorer and Speed Commander 64bit


When you say the "context menu gets broken", what does that mean exactly?

I can't think why Opus would, when asking DVDFab to run a context menu command, do anything different depending on whether it is the sixth or seventh drive. Most likely it is some slight difference in the way Explorer* and Opus talk to the DVDFab shell extension which is causing it to fall over. It's probably something that the DVDFab authors need to debug, since they are the only ones with access to the code which is going wrong.

(* I'm guessing SpeedCommander doesn't build its own context menus and instead asks the Windows shell to build them, since that's true of almost all file managers. If so it would be using identical code to Explorer.)

The DVDFab team can run their code within a trial version of Opus, and I expect GPSoftware would be happy to provide them a licence for longer-term testing if they wanted one. I would be happy to help debug the issue on the Opus side if their investigation found there was a problem with how Opus is calling the extension. (But determining that without the source-code to their extension is very difficult, and these problems are usually caused by extensions that have only been tested against the Explorer/shell code and, usually unintentionally, depend on assumptions that aren't guaranteed by the API.)

With broken i mean Dopus doesent show "extended" context menu with dvdfab iso mounting.
Just tested with Total Commander and 7 drives works fine with it :j

That's not really relevant.

Think of it this way. Say the DVDFab shell extension was a maths library that plugs into Opus and you're using it to calculate 1 + 2 = 3.

The Windows shell (which almost every other file manager uses to build the menu) might pass that library "1 + 2" and the library would return "3".

But Opus (which builds the context menus using its own custom code) might pass the library "2 + 1" and the library, even though that is a perfectly valid mathematical equation, might crash because it has a bug and was never tested with anything that asked the question that way around.

If something like that is happening, the only way to work out what's going wrong is to debug the library, and that can only be done (in a reasonable way) by the people who wrote the library and have the source code to it.

So talk to the DVDFab people, like I said.

If they investigate it and find that Opus is passing them some bogus information then that can be looked into, but it is extremely unlikely (otherwise lots of shell extensions would be having problems, and also the DVDFab extension probably wouldn't work at all instead of only stopping at the seventh drive, which is a particular condition that only DVDFab is aware of and that Opus is completely oblivious to).