Dynamic renamer script added to Rename Scripting forum

I've created and uploaded a new script to the Rename Scripting forum. It dynamically applies one or more rename transformations that you specify in the New name field. Go take a look and give it a try - it is pretty powerful.

Dynamic Renamer

I've upload an update with the following changes:

New: Added transliteration: -t
New: Exclude files matching pattern: -e and -E
New: Added upper/lower first/all cases: -c[uUlLt]
Change: Change case flag to -c
Change: Change title case flag to -ct
Fix: Flag parser handles embedded spaces inside / /

The -e option is very cool. Many folks have asked for a way to skip certain files within Rename. You can now define a pattern to skip files already selected.

Another quick update:

version 1.2
New: Unicode to ASCII: -U
New: Date append/prepend using strftime formatting specs: -d appends, -D prepends
New: Articles to end (-a), or strip (-A). User-defined article can be specified
Fix: Only the first -e exception was working

Hi @MrC, I find this Dynamic Renamer script fascinating and having the type of functionality I can find useful. However, I don't know Perl (but I guess that is not as important) so I end up asking the kind of questions that help me understand but may seem rather silly to others. I'm getting this error (see below) and I don't know what it means. Looking at the file I'm working on, the translation effects are correct but when I click the OK button this error pops up.

The other question is working with files versus folders. The script has no effect on folders and would like to know what I am doing wrong.

Thank you.

Sorry, change the Old name to:


I'll fix it in the script.

You were doing nothing wrong. Silly me, I had not tested a single folder! Grab the 1.3 version for folder rename support. Sorry for the trouble.

Version 1.4 adds very flexible date parsing from the file name and reformatting.

Version 1.5 just posted adds numeric increment/decrement, strict title case, and easier append at beginning/end.

Version 1.6 adds quick trim from front or back, files or folders only, reversing and sorting words (or characters) w/separator replacement, ignores leading punctuation in article transformation. See 1.6 change log posted.

Version 1.7 adds killing text before and after a specified string (inclusive and exclusive), random values with -# (add r flag), and a couple of fixes.