EaseUS Todod Backup Files causes program to hang

I am trying to open EasesUs Backup file .pdb but the program hangs and must be closed. They open perfectly when using Windows File Explorer. Is this a bug?
I am using Ver.1221. X64. on Windows 10 x64

Please send us some process snapshots and we may be able to see what is freezing, and if it's something in Opus or in their code, or something else:

Dump sent via WeTranfer to crashdumps@gpsoft.com.au for the attention of Leo

The process snapshot indicates a hang inside one of the EaseUS DLLs that are part of its shell extension:

Since we don't have the source code to their DLLs, we can't say much more than that. They may be able to tell you more if you send the same DMP file to them.

As a workaround, you may be able to tell Opus to send the files to File Explorer on double-click, so that you can double-click them and open them in it. (It looks like EaseUS are using a custom shell namespace extension, where they would be rendering the file display themselves, and so most Opus functionality wouldn't work in their folders anyway.)

Try going to Settings > File Types then find the type for the backup files in the System File Types part of list and double-click it. On the Events tab, double-click the Left double-click event to edit it, and set it to run:

explorer.exe {filepath}

(Or, if they have their own tool for viewing backups, try pointing to that instead of explorer.exe.)

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Thank you for your prompt reply and help. The Settings > File Types this works fine.
Yes, they do have their own tool for viewing and restoring backups. It is just that viewing used to work in DO, then stopped working. I think they might have changed something in the program.
Kindly mark as solved. :grinning:

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