Easier alias creation workflow [Feature Suggestion]

Aliases are one of the most wonderful features of Opus!

Currently, in order to create a new alias, one must open the preferences screen, navigate to the relevant section, and then paste in the alias and the folder name. This rigamarole is a bit cumbersome, especially since I generally decide to create an alias for a directory when I've already got that directory open in a lister.

Therefore, I'd like to suggest the following: Let there be a hotkey/button which, when pressed, will create an alias for the currently open directory, prompting the user with only a single editbox in which to enter the alias name.

This would greatly speed up the workflow of creating an alias, shifting it from a series of many steps to a single key (with no need to copy/paste the directory path, because it just uses the current directory). I know that I often push off creating aliases because requires their creation is too disruptive to do so in the course of a regular work session. However, if the workflow were streamlined as I suggest here, I'd be creating aliases on-the-fly, as I need them, at the moment I see that I'm referring to a given directory again and again.

Actually, I just realized that Opus includes all the tools necessary to do this already. I simply defined a hotkey with the following definition:

favorites add=alias name={dlgstring}

And now I've got exactly the functionality that I was aiming for!

Thanks, Opus developers, for producing such a flexible and powerful product.

Well that was easy :slight_smile: