Easier way to find out what is locking a folder?

Every now and then I delete the contents of a folder, but 'something' is locking that folder and I am unable to delete it. I need Process Explorer (find handle) to try and find out what is locking the folder.

Just now this occurred again, this time AcroCEF.exe was locking the folder. After a couple of minutes AcroCEF disappeared automatically and I could delete the folder.
As said, I need Process Explorer to figure this out.

Q: is there not an easier way?

am posting here as I believe it is Windows and Opus has nothing to do with this

(BTW there is also a command line tool 'Handle.exe' on Sysinternals)

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You could make a button which runs handle.exe

Maybe it's an option, the newer PowerToys tool has a 'locksmith' option, designed for that task.

Thanks for the replies. @abr - yes, I am aware of PowerToys (have been using it for some time (specifically to use the mapping of keys), but uninstalled it as I found another solution.
Don't know how to create a button, hence I'll continue to use Process Explorer like above.
Thanks again.

As a follow up, I have been using below tool for a while.

LockHunter - free - portable version available

Download LockHunter 64/32 bit For Free