Easy access to favorite >files<

I would like to flag certain files as 'favorites' for easy access. These files are located in many different folders throughout my file system.

DO's favorites functionality appears to be geared to folders, not files.

Is there a way to link all these favorite files to a virtual folder for easy access?


You can add files to favorites. This command, on a button or hotkey, will add the selected file to favorites:

Favorites ADD PATH={filepath}

Selecting the file it the list would then navigate to the folder it is in and select it.

If you want to open the file, not navigate to where it is, just drag the file to a toolbar or menu while in Customize mode and Opus will create a button which opens it.

Thank you.

Your response is a bit too cryptic for my understanding. Possible to provide any step-by-step 'how to' links?

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Have a look at the menus at the top of the page if you haven't already. Lots of essential information in there.

See here for using Commands in buttons.

OK, I have the ```
Favorites ADD PATH={filepath}
new button set up, and I have been able to add files.

However, what is displayed in the favorites folder on the left side of the folder hierarchy is different from the files that I have added. See screen shot, and please explain why these to elements aren't syncing


Thanks again.

They're probably SmartFavorites.

Either turn off Preferences / Favorites and Recent / SmartFavorites / Enable SmartFavorites system to disable them entirely, or turn off Preferences / Folder Tree / Contents / SmartFavorites to hide them from the tree.

I'm not sure files in the favorites list will show up in the folder tree. The folder tree is for picking folders. But they'll appear in the Favorites menu, which you can open (by default) via the icon next left of the path field.

I had already disabled Smart Favorites in Preferences / Favorites and Recent / SmartFavorites / Enable SmartFavorites system

Disabling Preferences / Folder Tree / Contents / SmartFavorites did the trick.

And yes, I have found the favorites in the starred folder.

star folder

I am good to go.

Thank you Leo,