Easy Context Menu changes not present?

I use a tool called 'Easy Context Menu' to create a custom right-click menu for Files, Folders, exes, My Computer, etc.. But since I've update to DO 12 they don't appear anymore. Is there some setting in DO that blocks them or has it's own menu that I can turn off?


Are you using it to add or remove items from the context menus?

I don't know which methods it is using to modify the menus, but if you want to add items you can do so in Opus via Settings > File Types. Removing items depends on the type of thing in question; if it's a shell extension, it can be disabled using common tools (ShellExView, or Microsoft's Autoruns), while other types are usually registry entries.

Ok, wait.. I just found under Windows Integration, an option called 'Hide Windows items on file context menus (shift overrides)!! That fixes it!! It works now... All is good. Thanks for trying to help Leo.

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Glad you found it. Upgrading from 11 to 12 shouldn't have turned that on, FWIW.

The upgrading also changed the alternating file view background 'row' colors when I use the Filter. Only the Relative Size and Location columns alternate to Purple and the other color I have set. How do I change that color? I looked through all the display colors and nothing is set to purple.

File Display Background colors in Preferences. (Please start a new thread if you have a new question.)