Easy Network Recycle Bin Issue Fix

The Complaint

I have an issue with the way delete and recycle work with DO. I have reviewed other posts here saying that files deleted from a network drive cannot be recovered through the recycle bin. This is not correct. I have been doing it for years with explorer and a registry entry. I have switched to DO and this functionality no longer works. This has caused me a number of frustrating moments lately when I needed to get back a file accidentally deleted.

What I Have Been Doing

The only reason Windows does not support network-to-recyclebin (AFIK), is security. If someone deletes a sensitive file, it appears in a recycle bin that others may have access to.
This is not a concern for many Windows users like me who are not sharing access with other people.
A network enabled recycle bin can be added with the registry entry below(only an example)

This works with Explorer but DO does not seem to honor this setting and even Explorer only worked about 2/3 of the time by correctly redirecting files to a network recycle bin.

Suggestion for DO

Here is a simple way to add recycle bin functionality to DO for all drives, even as a backup to RecycleBin.

I have used other programs that deal with network deletions by creating a custom root folder such as \\networkresource\.opus-recycle and any files deleted through that program are actually moved to this regular folder.

This would be a simple option to add to DO with checkbox options to enable/disable, use local drive or use network drive to hold new recycle bin and a button to empty the custom recycle bin, along with a max size so when a new file is deleted the folder size is checked and older files removed if it is above the set maximum size value.

I hope such an addition can be considered for the next update of DO and think it would be useful to most users.

Absolutely agree with this.

Windows behaviour here sucks, and if there is a relatively easy fix (with an appropriate warning) - then for those of us with just e.g. a family network where we don't care who can see what - this would be a massive improvement.

We could probably make Opus ask Windows to use the Recycle Bin on network drives but it sounds like that doesn't actually work reliably from the information above, so I'm not sure it would be worth doing.

Implementing our own custom recycle bin... maybe one day but not in the near future. However, you could change your delete button to move the files somewhere instead, if they're on a particular path and you want it to work that way.