Easy way to customize right click context menu?

i have a nice program called mmm+, which allows me to easily customize the right click context menus on my system- but the program doesnt work from within d opus. is there a similarly easy way to achieve this from within d opus? also, why is that, that d opus does not support such programs? note, i dont want to have to become a registry expert in order to accomplish this. thanks in advance

I'm not familiar with mmm+ are you saying the program can not be launched from within Opus?

Or are you saying the Windows items of the context menus do not show up in Opus?

windows context menu items show up fine within opus, im saying that the program mmm+ doesnt function from within opus. basically, from the desktop, i can easily make submenus, arrange/sort my right click context menu items, but when i open opus, i see the standard context menu as though i'd never made any changes. (course back on the desktop my custom context menu is in place)

Mmm+ seems to customize context menus in a non-standard way (at least, that's my assumption based on the fact it's supposed to be able to customize context menus of lots of apps which don't provide any API to do so -- someone correct me if I'm wrong as I'm only guessing). So it's not surprising that it doesn't work with Opus, I guess.

There are a couple of old threads on this subject here:

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Opus lets you customize its own menus so if you just want to customize the context menus in Opus you don't need Mmm+, unless I've misunderstood what it does.

Mmm+ hooks into the Windows API and directly modifies the menu - unfortunately, Opus doesn't use standard Windows menus but instead uses its own system, which Mmm+ knows nothing about - so there is no way for this to be supported unfortunately.

ok fair enough, mmm cant work with opus, so then, how can one EASILY customize one's right click context menu from within opus, or would one just let it become a mile long?

Settings -> File Types to add/modify/delete entries.

And this tip to move/hide entries.