"Eat" first click when switching panels to avoid unselecting

Hi there,

I wanted to know if this functionality is somewhere to be enabled. Currently, when selecting some files on a panel, then clicking the other one, then clicking back on it, it deselects everything that was highlighted.

I know that clicking on the title bar avoid this and also that in "Power Mode" selection behaves in another (stranger for me) way. What I'd really love is for it to work as in Xplorer2 "Eat the first click..." that would prevent the first click (focus) on the panel to change the file selection.

Would you please let me know if this is possible?

Thanks in advance. :thumbsup:

Try "Allow file selection when clicking to activate Lister" option...

That'll work when activating the window itself, but not when the window is already active and you're changing between tabs within the window.

There isn't currently a similar option for when switching panels in an active window. You need to click the panel title bar, folder tab, or scrollbars -- or push the tab key -- to switch sides without affecting the selection.

Thanks for both your reply; hopefully one day it will be possible to do.


In delicate cases, you can also use the checkbox mode, which is great. HereĀ“s
a code, which will toggle the checkbox mode & if done, toggles back to the
normal view with maintaining all selected files:

@ifset: CHECKBOXMODE=Toggle Select FROMCHECKS Set CHECKBOXMODE=Off @ifset:else Select TOCHECKS

Did this ever get implemented? I used "xplorer 2" for a long time, and it's a great function. (Not that it compares overall in any way, but that function was excellent.)

Yes, Preferences / File Displays / Mouse / Allow file selection when clicking to switch source/destination state.

Ah, awesome. I can see why I didn't find it :slight_smile:

That's great, makes life a lot easier. Thanks again.