Ecru light theme - one of very few here

Extremly simply theme in pastel colors. I think it looks nice and remind me the old, classic Windows Clasic theme.

Ecru.dlt (4.7 MB)


Awesome! thanks. Also one more question - How did you add custom thumbnail size buttons such as 512, 1024 and so on?

Have a look at the default Images toolbar, when in Thumbnails mode.

Small update - correction of text colors in few context menus.
Ecru2.dlt (4.6 MB)

That's a very nice theme.
Easy on the eyes, and it inspired me to create something similar.
I have a question about the header bar of the main panel.
I am guessing you have changed its colour using some general Windows setting?
Or can that be done with some dopus setting?

I'm sorry. I missed your post so I not answering so long.

If you mean dark-brown bar on top of file panel, the setting you looking for is in Preferences -> Colors and fonts -> Border of file panel. Take into account that I use different language version.