Edit button function

there is a button that links to downloads folder.

In my case the downloads folder is in another hd, I tried editing the button but haven't been able to get it working, can someone please help me ?

Functions in button are Go "%userprofile%\Downloads"

How can I link it to a folder in another hd ?


Change it to Go /downloads.

That did it, thank you.

If you type / in a lister you will be presented with a full list of aliases. They are very useful generic targets for GO commands. You can also create your own aliases pointing to folders that you regularly access.

Regards, AB

Thank you AB,
exactly what I need.

But if I want to open a folder in a different hard drive what should I type in, for instance I want to open downloads folder on G hard drive, I am typing \G:\downloads but it is not working, just hangs at reading folder, what am I doing wrong ?

In the button I put" Go G:/Downloads "and it is working fine but what should I type to open it in a lister the way you explain in the post above, just curious


Just type G:\downloads


it works :slight_smile:

A bit off topic, but can I integrate winamp in opus, like toolbar or something ?

Thank you very much

Winamp can be controlled via its command line and via scripting so yes, you can control it from Opus. I wrote a scripting plugin for Winamp some years ago, which may even still work, but it's a long time since I have used it.

Please stick to one question per thread unless they're related.

Thank you

I remember your plugin to not work on 64bit anymore. o(
I once tried to recompile it for 64bit, iirc it did, but it still wouldn't work, my bad I guess! o)

Try the "clamp.exe" command line tool for winamp, it does a great job in buttons and some other rather weird usecases.