Edit FTP text file with button?

Hey I have a button on my title bar that opens an FTP dir but id like to also edit the file in NP++ like dopus does if i double click it, any way to jump straight into the edit?

This kind of thing seems to work, at least from a quick test:

Go FTPSITE="Public\nluug"
Select EXACT "README.mirrors.txt"
Notepad.exe {filepath$}

Public\nluug is one of my FTP address book entries.

I wouldn't normally recommend using the Select command to change what another command does in the same button, but in this case I can't think of a better alternative, at least without introducing a lot more complexity.

Yo dude I didn't see you posted this comment just want to say huge fan and you're incredible with how dedicated you are to this amazing software! Thanks again, I have some other FTP related questions. I'd like to automate an FTP file transfer into one button, is there somewhere where I can test CLI commands for dopus CLI as one would test bash commands in the bash shell?

I essentially want a button that will connect to a certain FTP and then replace files in a folder from a local location, then thats it.