Edit the NTFS ADS OpusMetaInformation from the command line?

Hi, I think the title says it all, my goal would be to copy some info from a certain matroska tag field or anywhere really and copy it over the metadata 'tags' field in dopus as well as having that done automatically.

I understand that editing through Powershell with a regular:

Set-Content $file -Stream OpusMetaInformation -Value '123456'

won't work just like that in this case as the information isn't stored in the same way it is displayed but is there another way to go about it and have that automated preferably through a command-line?

The reason I want it like that is so I can do it at the same time when I am tagging my mkv files with a ps script then, I could directly use those variables and send the info to the ADS as well.

(If I try a set-content on OpusMetaInformation it creates another stream with the same name. That is as far as i went.)

Thanks again for any input.

Sounds like a job for DOpusRT.

You can use it to run internal commands from outside of Opus.


Thanks! I managed to do it with dopusrt but I have another question, is it possible to do this without having that specific folder where the file is opened and currently focused in dopus?

Yes, you can hand over the info with the FILE argument.

Specifies the name of the file or files to modify.


Much thanks to you cheers! :beers: