Editing remote .htaccess files

My workflow relies heavily on editing remote files on ftp servers. This works fine so far, I activated the option to upload files to ftp using the "watch forever" setting (sorry don'T know the exact english term) - but whenever I'm editing .htaccess files he will not reupload them to the server.

Why is this? Is there any way to enable this?

Is there anything in the FTP log showing it is attempting to upload the file but failing?

How are you editing the file? (i.e. Which method are you using to launch the editor, and which editor are you using?)

There is nothing in the FTP Log, just for the download - not for upload.
I just do a double click which opens my system default editor - and that's sublime text (sublimetext.com/2)

If you turn on Preferences / File Operations / Options / Ask before uploading, does it ever ask?

I just checked with an FTP site and Opus, and it seems to be working correctly. When set to ask, I think it would only ask when I made the Opus window active (instead of popping up in the middle of using another program), but that may have been coincidence.

No he never asks for that, doesn't matter what I'm doing. Might this be a bug due to win 8 ? It works for all other files, it's just these .htaccess files he won't recognize.

After looking into this, the re-upload functionality won't be applied to things that do not have a filetype (which includes any file whose name is just an extension, as well as files with names that include extensions that aren't assigned to any file type).

More specifically, the re-upload functionality works when Opus knows what it has to do to launch/edit the file from the file name alone. In other cases, Opus has to download the file first and then inspects it to work out what type it is and what to launch it in. (If the file only contains text, then Opus will launch it in your configured text editor, assuming that's how things are configured under Preferences / File Operations / Double-click on Files.)

We might be able to improve this in the future, although I'm not sure at the moment as it needs more investigation. Hopefully this at least explains what is happening and lets you know when you can expect it to work, and why .htaccess files are different to others.

Check to see if you can upload the file as just htaccess (leave off the period) and then rename it to .htaccess after. The reason I suggest this is because some ISP's don't allow the upload of .htaccess, because of the problems it can cause with things that they want to maintain. This method has worked for me when I encountered the same problem.

The problem isn't about not being able to upload the file; it's about automatically re-uploading it after double-clicking on it and editing the local temporary copy that double-clicking it downloads.

Here's quick workaround:
don't double click this file but use a button or menu or shortcut with command:
c:\windows\notepad.exe "%1"
This works as intended.