Eligibility for free update


I purchased my DO11 license in May (11th, to be precise), and was wondering if there is any chance of me (still) being able to get the free update for DO12.

If you do not offer this option for this release, or if the time window has passed already, I understand; just asking because in the FAQ it said the window for the update from v9 to v10 was 4 months, so I figured I might give it a shot.

Thanks and kind regards

Just go to the Upgrade Link on the main Opus Directory page and put in your original Registration Code. Click Upgrade and the next page will tell you if the upgrade is free, or your reduced cost to purchase it


thanks for the quick response, didn't know it worked that way.

Also, thanks to the devs for their generosity in this case (yes, I am eligible, and yes, as a student, I really appreciate that.

Anyone who bought Opus 11 after 1st March 2016 can upgrade to Opus 12 for free, so you're covered.

The size of the free window varies each time we do a major release.

For anyone else reading, the Upgrade Quotation page will give you a personalised quotation based on your current licence version and purchase date.

Drop our Sales address an email if you have any queries about pricing and sales, as they can deal with individual situations and offers.