Embed the Function Windows to Lister?


is there any change to get the Function Windows (like output, search, rename,...) embedded into a Lister, instead of single Window? I only found a option to dock the Output Window to the Screen.

But i wanted it a the bottem of the Folder-Tree / File-Viewers. So it stays on bottom even if i maximize or restore the window.

Thanks and best Regards.


Just found out the get the Search Form as embedded view via the Duplicate Search.

And thats exactly what i want for the output window.

The output window is always separate. Which part of it are you interested in seeing in your lister?

Mostly the FTP and the Search Result

Search Results can be sent to the main file display (as a file collection) these days which is better than using the Output Window. (The Find tab in the Output Window is a leftover from the Opus 6 days and should be removed, IMO.)

There's currently no way to make the FTP log appear within the lister, sorry.