Empty dirs are not copied!

Dear friends,

I need to copy each file & directory just once. I define a new key called "OnceCopy" with the following code:


The key work very well, however just for files and non empty directories. Empty dirs are not copied at all!

Some one can tell what is the problem?

Best Regards

P.s.: The "SetAttr CLEARATTR a" is because MARKSOURCEARCHIVE can not clear "A" attr of selected directories.

I would copy the folder structure first and then copy the files one time as you are.

To copy just the folder structure:
Create a new filter set up the following way:
Type Match "Folders Only"
And save it with a name of Folders Only

Next set up a button and use this for the button command:
Copy FILTER="Folders Only"

(Note if the Prefs/File Operations/Filters/Use File Filter when Copying option is turned on, you will be prompted for the filter name, so you might want that turned off.)

Thanks for your reply Dear JohnZeman,
I prefer to forget the empty dirs than copying the folder structure one time with a key and copying the files again with another key. This is very time killer. I think this is a bad behavior of DOpus (if I will not say this is a bug). :confused: