Empty Find Results

Upgrading to Win 7 killed Find Panel functionality? So it seems to me. I've been using DOPUS for almost two years on a Win XP Pro 32 bit PC and consider it an essential tool. My new PC system uses Windows 7 64 bit, so I got the latest appropriate release of DOPUS for it. It installed and seems to run fine, except the Lister's Find Panel isn't working as before in terms of find results. Running as admin, of course, Find can't locate known files that I can even see in the Lister above. I imported teh DOPUS settings from my Win XP Pro 32 bit system. Did I miss something needs doing?

Examples? Screenshots?

When you say "running as admin" do you mean you're logged in as administrator account, or do you mean you've elevated Opus through UAC to run as admin?

If it's the latter, don't do that. There's a FAQ on why and what to do instead.

I mean logged in as administrator account. I installed the current download version of DOPUS and did a default installation then plugged in my settings from the 32 bit version for Win XP.

I would post up a screenshot if I could find it on my system. :laughing:
I use a freeware called MWSnap and had it save a shot to the root of C:\ (to make it easy to find, ha ha) but, it's not there! apparently. Not by DOPUS or WinExp. But MWSnap can find it in its own Open File dialog window. I'd give you a screen shot of that too, but I'll need a second screenshot utility for that and very likely not be able to find that shot either. :confused:

Alt-PrintScr, then paste into an Opus Lister.

This forum does not permit editing of posted replies, so I should have mentioned that the DOPUS 64 bit for Win 7 was a clean install, not an upgrade to an installed DOPUS 32 bit version.

From the screenshot I see that you are searching for files named "Clipboard Image" and containing the text "gothic".

I doubt the image contains this word :wink:

Maybe you have not cleared this field during your search.


Ummm, yeah, gothic. You're right. I wonder where that came from? :blush:

Thanks for pointing out the obvious to me. I guess I'll move on to my next brain fart.