Emulate Send To command to open multiple files in one app?

I need to somehow send multiple files in one app instance.

I was able to do this while using Send To menu and app shortcut combination (that good old Windows Send To folder), but Send To menu is quite uncomfortable to use with all these clicks.

So, maybe someone know how can emulate Send To menu in DOpus? Some kind of command line argument to send file paths or maybe a script?

You can usually run the program directly.

What is the program?

Does it have any documentation?

XnConvert, an image convertor with GUI (some time ago i told you about how badly DOpus converts images with default chroma subsampling, so i finally found a work around with GUI hehe).

If i use direct open then it will spawn one window per opened file.

Sadly i haven't found any docs yet. Officially it only supports context menu for folders or drag-and-drop but i found that you can use Send To menu to open multiple files in one windows instead.

There are people on the XnConvert forum talking about running it via the command line. If you ask there how to do what you want to do with a fixed list of file paths, we can tell you how to make Opus run the program in the same way and pass the selected files.

Usually you'd just need to use {filepath} or {allfilepath} where the file path(s) need to go and the rest would be straightforward.

If you drop the .exe file on to a toolbar (while in Customize mode), you'll also get a GUI for adding a button to run the program, with various options you can try out and test against some files. That's often enough to work out how to make it run, if it just needs a list of file paths.

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I think I broke something. I managed to call this window/GUI once but now the EXEs are added without this window/GUI. I think I marked check-box with something like "always use these parameters".

How can i re-call this window now? :frowning:

I fixed that GUI by removing \AppData\Roaming\GPSoftware\Directory Opus\ConfigFiles\buttonlaunchoptions.oxc will try other options now

"Always use these settings (unless Ctrl is held)" will prevent the dialog appearing again unless you hold Ctrl while dropping something on a toolbar.

Docs are here: https://www.gpsoft.com.au/help/opus12/index.html#!Documents/Launch_Options.htm

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That GUI helped.
Async option with {allfilepath|noterm} did the thing and now i can send multiple files! Again, a very nice GUI, thank you Leo!

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