Enable checkbox mode by default

Hello dear DOpus users,

I have a question considering the checkbox mode, which I find quite handy. Can I let it be turned on all the time? There is an option to let it on if one changes the folder in the preferences, but as soon as I open a new Dopus tab I have to turn the mode on again.
many thanks in advance,


To start, uncheck this box:

Something along the lines of Set CHECKBOX=On that triggers when a lister is opened should work.

If you just want an easy way to toggle the selection of individual files without affecting others, try the middle mouse button (unless your mouse drivers have made it do something else).

Checkbox mode sort of does something similar, but it's not really necessary or what it was designed for, if that's all you want.

(Opus's checkbox mode predates Explorers, but most people are more familiar with Explorer's and think they're for the same thing, which is understandable. MMB in Opus already takes care of that kind of thing.)