Enable to see padlocked folders

I have a strange problem. I could not see some folders I knew were there. I made sure the hidden filter was not activated, and I could see hidden system files anyway.

Then I noticed when opening a project, the program I was using used explorer for the file open window, and I could see the missing folders in explorer. They had a tiny padlock on them.

Right click properties showed 'read only' greyed out. I unchecked the box and applied the changes but still I can not see them with Dopus.

I can not see the folders in ordinary explorer, only when explorer gets used as the window to navigate to a file to open it from various programs. I can not copy and paste the files I want out of the folder either.

I am on windows 7.

I suspect this is due to folder permissions, and the program that you can see them in is running as a different user (and/or with elevation via UAC) and thus able to see inside the folders while normal programs cannot.

If so, you'd have to ask whoever applied the permissions to those folders to know why they were configured in that way and if what you're experiencing is an intended result.