Encrypting files for mutliplatform use via cloud storage?


I just wanted to ask if anyone knew of a way to do the following:

Encrypt a shared folder on a cloud platform such as onedrive, that you can decrypt and use locally on several machines, windows and mac, and ideally android & ios, (and obviously plays nicely with Dopus)

I may be missing something here, but it seems quite a challenge unless you opt for an encrypted cloud provider? If this is the case I will look more into these.

Also of interest - any way of keeping shared photos protected by encryption? The auto-backup from phones would be an ideal feature.

Thanks in advance.

You could use an encrypted 7-zip archive to store files or folders, but any change would require a complete re-sync on all machines, which will turn into a pain when the files are large.

Cryptomator will also do this. I use it to backup my Evernote database which is about 8Gb
According to their FAQ it encrypts each file individiually so only the changes get synced https://cryptomator.org/


Thanks. Lookts like Cryptomator is one option as it has a phone app also.

Thanks for the ideas :+1:

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