I am thinking of purchasing DOpus. I am also looking at True Crypt as I want to encrypt some of the files on my PC. It appears however, that DOpus provides encryption. Can someone tell me about the quality of the DOpus encryption and how it might compare.

Thank you.

Opus can create encrypted archives (e.g. zip files, and some other types; so you need a password to read them), and can also set files to be encrypted by Windows and the filesystem the same way Explorer does (on NTFS drives with encryption enabled; so you need to be logged in as your Windows account to read them).

True Crypt is usually used for encrypting harddrives or partitions so you need a password to mount them and can use them like a normal drive while they are mounted. Opus and True Crypt work well together.

Which solution is the best depends on what you want to do.

If you want to encrypt not hundreds of gigs, you can create a container with TC and create buttons in DO to mount/unmount them. Also it is easier and less risky using containers than encrypting whole drives/partitions.

Thank you. I have not used encryption before but my interest is to protective sensitive files on my pc so that if stolen, they would be protected from use. I also have been concerned about complete drive encryption which is what I have on my work PC. It slows it up and also for some users in our corporation has at time made drive access difficult.

So to understand this more clearly - if I create this container is that then a quick one button access with no slow down in file use? For example, would I be able to open that container with DO and then use those files as though they were std. non-encrypted files until I again closed the container and reprotected everything?

Thank you for any additional clarifying remarks.

The simple answer is YES, using a TrueCrypt container and as Sasa has already said, you can create buttons in DO to mount/unmount TC containers. I use a TC container on daily basis to back up confidential work files. Once the (password protected) container is open, files are copied to/from as normal and there is no perceptible slow down.

Regards, AB

You can also easily backup the container by simply copying it to your backup-location (when you mount it, it will get an own drive-letter).

Here's an example-button for (un-)mounting containers:


@runmode hide /dopusdata\Scripts\TrueCrypt\TrueCrypt.exe /q background /lT /m rm /v "<path to container>" /p <password> /k "<path to keyfile>"

  • change path to TC-exe to yours (I stored TC in DO's folder, it's portable and also on USB-Export available then)
  • change /lT to your desired driveletter (I choose T for TrueCrypt).
  • add your password and path to keyfile within quotes (if you don't use a keyfile, remove everything after )

Unmount (all):

/dopusdata\Scripts\TrueCrypt\TrueCrypt.exe /q /d

Edit: "...path to container and keyfile within quotes..."

Thank you. Once I am using these programs I may stop back with more questions.