Enhancing Folder Browsing


I've only recently stumbled onto DOP and gods how happy have I been since?! Incredible effort has been put into this product.

BUT. I do have a couple of feature requests for those of us that still use the keyboard for many functions that a mouse just cant keep up with.

Could you pretty pretty please make it so that when you go up a folder, the one that you just came from is automatically selected instead of the usual behaviour where it just shows you the beginning of the list.

I know you can use the Folder Tree to quickly browse consecutive folders BUT, it's only alpha ordered so if I'm looking at a long list of folders that are ordered chronologically I get mighty frustrated with the whole experience! And not to mention the mouse RSI.

Second. When you enter into a folder the first item is never selected - and this is probably a good thing. But there's no easy way (that I know of) to select that first item. I have to hit the down key then up or left then right to move off then back onto the first item. If there's only one item in the list even this little trick doesn't work. How about a way to select that first item?? (no mouse click it suggestions, for heavens sake!)


Change your Parent function to:

Go Up Back

The space bar will select the first item in Details mode.

Damn, space bar eh? Who feels like a royal twit?! Thanks for the tip.

Wow, found how to edit the key stroke functions. Incredible. I'm impressed every time I use this software. Thank you for Go Up Back!