Enlarge font for octogenarian with failing sight

For general use on my computer I have used Settings - Accessibility - text size and increased the Text size to 150%. THis has generally helped across all Apps, at least ones I have tried so far, though some such as Word I need to adjust in the App.
However although the on screen font size has increased , and helped me considerably, including the appearance of text in Windows Explorer, it has not had the same effect on the on screen size of text in Opus which I find somewhat small. Is there any way of increasing the size of that? I have tried to find a way in the Mnu and Search to no avail. A couple of similar posts came up while typing this but they dated back to Windows 7. I use Windows 11.

Opus will scale fonts relative to the system DPI.

You can also change the font sizes via Preferences / Display / Colors and Fonts.