Error code 5: Access is denied (5)


I'm facing (possibily) the same issue as mentioned here:

I'm using DOpus 11.0 and if I try to make a backup of my configuration I get the error message mentioned in the subject.

Is there a fix for this? The solution proposals in the thread mentioned above did not work for me. I already created a debug view and a Procmon dump, which I could send you.



Please send the procmon log to and I'll take a look.


Apologies! I typo'd the email address. It should be -- gp rather than go.

Yep. Just noticed it.

Thanks for the log file!

It looks like the backup was being created to a folder which doesn't exist, resulting in the error.

At the start up the config backup wizard, make sure the Backup Location is right for the machine you're on.

We can improve this on our side as well. At the moment it remembers the last backup location you used, and uses that the next time, but if that location doesn't exist anymore (or doesn't exist on the machine you are on) then it will result in an error. I'll make it check the location at the start and reset it to the desktop folder it the old one doesn't exist.

Hi Leo,

that was the issue. Changing the folder to my current Desktop path worked.

Thanks a lot,