Error creating Rar archive with WinRAR 7

Previous to using Directory Opus 13, I had a button that created a Rar archive with a prefix of the current date and time and a suffix (note to myself). This button created an archive of the selected items in a folder. It worked well. The lines of code were such:

@set names={file|Name|{file$|noext}}
@set name={dlgstringS|Enter Archive Name}
Copy HERE ARCHIVE=.rar,keepfolder CREATEFOLDER="{date|yyMMdd}{time|HHmm}_{$names}_{$name}"

Now that I am using Directory Opus 13, the button always gives a error Unknown option "ma4". So, I figured that it could be something I did that does not work with this version or changes to version 13. So, I scrapped the button. I then tried to use the New Archive button under the New Folder button from Opus. It gives the same error. To be clear, this is when creating a Rar archive only. Does anyone know what is causing this? Thanks

Your button works fine here :slight_smile:

Are you running an old version of WinRAR that doesn't support RAR4 format?

Or the new WinRAR7? That doesn't support RAR4 anymore.

Hi, thanks for the reply. I am going to check that out now. Do you think just updating WinRAR would make sure that is not the case?

WinRAR 6 works fine :slight_smile:

Check this setting (this should be the default nowadays)

So I see I did have WinRAR 7. I changed it back to WinRAR 6 and it works. So you are correct. That was it. Thanks

Are you saying keep v6 and do this, or for v7? Or maybe you mean do this for all versions? Thanks

You can very likely run WinRAR7 with this setting. RAR5 format has been around long enough. There is no need to keep using RAR4, especially if you are not sharing archives.

Super helpful. Thanks so much!

We'll take out the RAR 4 / RAR 5 option in the next update, so it doesn't cause problems with WinRAR 7.

It'll be left up to your installed version of WinRAR which archive format it uses.

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That sounds fantastic. For that makes it seamless. However I was glad to stop here and get the usual expertise, that helps me learn more. Thanks so much!