Error opening from Google Drive folder in


I just upgraded from v10 to v12 hoping it would solve an issue I'm having but the issue is still present in the newly installed version: when I go to my Google Drive folder (i.e. the local folder that Google Drive's sync utility creates on my machine), right-click an image file and select "Open with... Paint.Net", an error is thrown by Paint.Net and it can't open the file:

PaintNet error

If I use Tools > Open in Explorer and do the same process, the file opens without error.

Is there any solution for this issue? Thanks!

Are you seeing that with Opus 12.6, or an earlier version?

Does it still happen if you open a new Opus window, then navigate to the Google Drive folder manually? (Do not use Google Drive's own command for opening its folder; it does something unusual. Although it should not matter with Opus 12.6, it is worth checking if it is still causing something unexpected.)

It was 12.6 but your reply led me to discover the issue: I was getting to the Google Drive folder via a Favorite I had created in v10, so it had that weird \?\ path which I know you fixed post-v10. When I followed your suggestion, which of course led me to a folder without that oddity, it worked!

Thanks for the help - obviously I'll edit my Google-Drive-based Favorites to fix their paths and all will be good!

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