Error when selecting graphic file

When I single click (highlight) any graphic file (png, jpg, bmp, it doesn't matter), then click File on the lister, I get the following error:

It closes, then re-opens DOpus. This doesn't happen for other file formats. What gives?

The File menu includes the context menu for the selected files so you need to go through the steps in this FAQ to work out which shell extension is causing the crash:

Crash, exit or high CPU usage when right-clicking certain files

I'm baffled. To begin with, the right click context menu comes up just fine, whether the "Hide Windows items on file context menus" is checked or not. I have it checked by default. I downloaded DebugView, followed the FAQ, tried every CLSID listed at the time of the crash, and still can't repair the problem.

In Windows Explorer, I do get a long laundry list of selections in the File menu (right click context works fine), including multiple Snag-It entries for the same thing...

If you go into Customize mode and move these items into a different menu, does it make the File menu crash-free?

File Menu Marker
File Context Menu

If so, which of the two is causing the crash?

Removing File Menu Marker causes a general crash, while removing File Context Menu allows it to run smoothly. If I'm understanding this right, I need to leave File Menu Marker alone and target the File Context Menu itself.

File Context Menu is what you'd see on a right-click. I don't know why it would only cause a crash in the File menu and not when right-clicking a file but the FAQ on tracking down the problem seems like the best way to work out what's behind the crash.


Recap: I only get an error when I highlight an image file (any image file, any extension) and click the File menubar button.

I'm getting nowhere with this error. Here's what I've done so far:

Checked the Hide Windows items on file context menus (no effect)
Downloaded/ran DebugView and disabled every CLSID one by one (no effect)
Deleted File Types Groups Images context menus (no effect)
Uninstalled programs appearing in context menus I could see (no effect)

Why it only occurs with image files and with the File menu and not right-click context file menu, I have absolutely no clue.

My next step is to uninstall and reinstall DOpus itself.

Edit: I tried selecting an image file in combination with another file type. The File menubar button works fine in this instance. I don't understand it.

Does it happen with any image file at all, or just some? If it's just some attach one and I'll see if the same happens for me.

It happens with GIFs, BMPs, JPGs, PNGs, PSDs, and ICOs. Basically all image files.

I'm afraid I'm stumped on this one. If you ask GPSoft for help they may have some ideas that I haven't thought of.

Only thing I can think of is to run Process Monitor, filtering on process=dopus.exe path=*.dll, and see which DLLs get loaded when you restart Opus and then select a file and open the File menu. That might reveal something being loaded (maybe just before the crash) which wasn't considered before.

Jon mentioned that you had sent him some debug stuff already.

I think he's still looking at it but one thing he mentioned noticing is that you're doing this within the Desktop virtual folder. That will cause several additional shell extensions to be used when the File menu is opened.

If you do this in a normal folder, e.g. C:, does the crash still happen?

If you hold shift and right-click an image file, does the crash happen?