Error with simple file copy

I just upgrade to 12.29 as part of an effort to deal with another onedrive context menu related matter.
Now I am troublehooting problem with Lister not Refreshing and Explorer Replacement.
I will post separate blog on that when I have done some investigation. I mention it so the reader knows about it as it might have implications for the odd thing I am seeing below.
As part of those investigations I setup a simple file copy as you can see.
The copy works but I get the error message.
The internal command I am running I think you can see in the screenshot is

copy D:\test\test.png D:\test2
The copy completes as you can see successfully. It does not matter whether I click Skip or Abort the copy still works i.e. test.png still ends up in the destination folder.
Before I do the command I refresh both listers.

What is going wrong?

That command is going to copy two things, test.png and the test2 folder, into the current destination folder/tab. If the current destination is the test2 folder then you’ll get an error message for the second item as you can’t copy a folder into itself.

If the aim is to copy just one file into a specified folder (regardless of which folder/tab is the current destination), you need to add TO before the folder name.

Ah the explained! Thanks