Errors on 2 computers (Avast antivirus issue)

On BOTH of my computers in the last few days Dopus has stopped working and when I try to click on any file to open it I get the error:

"Windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item."

I also receive upon rebooting a Dopus Integrity error that tells me to download and reinstall it. I have tried that twice, and I even tried uninstalling and installing the latest version, and it STILL is doing the same thing!

I think there was a recent Dopus update that started this???? I first noticed it changed my custom Lister to a blank double verticle lister, but then I rebooted and it went away for a couple days. But now it's come back again...

Strangely, my other computer in a different office is doing the SAME thing, which makes me think it is not a virus, but something with a recent Dopus update maybe???? The 2 computers are NOT networked or connected other than I send a few occasional emails from one to the other, so can't imagine how BOTH could be infected.

Last troubleshooting point is that Windows File Explorer DOES open all those files that Dopus won't just fine, so it is clearly a Dopus issue.

Help! What do I do? CAn I get an older version of Dopus to reinstall?


We haven't had any similar reports recently, so it's unlikely to be caused by an Opus update.

The best place to start is here:

Have you ever heard of this error before? And isn't it strange that it would happen on 2 completely different computers at the same time?

How would I figure out if there is some kind of a virus doing it?

The error means the program is corrupted, or something is wrong with the operating system or the hardware (e.g. bad memory or failing SSD).

Start with the FAQ I linked to.

I have checked the digital signature and there are 2 files there and BOTH say that they are OK.

Now what?

Try disabling your antivirus. If the problem started recently on two computers, it may be tied to a low-level component they both share, and antivirus would be a prime suspect.

Okay, I disabled my Avast antivirus and WAS able to open the files again okay... So that must be it. But what do I do now about that? So I can't run Avast and Dopus together? I'm sure this must be happening to every other Dopus user who also uses Avast..

If your antivirus is breaking normal operation of your PC, you need to take that up with your antivirus vendor.

Antivirus should not break anything that isn't actually a virus.